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Keep track of all the news

How are you supposed to keep track of all the news, politics, sports, weather and blogs you follow? One way to keep track of it all is S/NEWS - the RSS/Atom aggregator service.

S/NEWS is a way to subscribe to multiple sources of information, such as a web sites, and get brief updates delivered to you in one spot.

Kindle Friendly

Mail any RSS news feed article to your Amazon Kindle reader or other device with one click!

About Web Feeds

A web feed (also referred to as news feed, RSS or Atom) is a way for providing users with frequently updated content.

S/NEWS syndicate a web feeds from many news sources, thereby allowing users to subscribe to it. Making a collection of web feeds accessible and manageable in one spot is the main goal of S/NEWS.

Web feed is often a series of headlines and brief summaries of all the articles published on that particular web page. This lets you scan the articles from many different website in one spot more efficiently.

S/NEWS is a simple and pretty way of keeping track of your latest RSS and Atom feeds.